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Planning events has never been more challenging. We facilitate ways to host any type of event, whether live in-person drive-in style for safe guest attendance, live-streams for online viewing across multiple platforms or a combination of both. Every event is personalised and can be quickly adapted as ever-changing Covid-19 regulations are announced.

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Small Business Support

Corporate Party

Community Street Party



Features include: DJ On Wheels, live event production, digital audio mixer, wireless microphones & instrument transmitters, FM audio transmitter, high-powered PA system, battery-powered speakers, livestream video mixer, multiple cameras and video projectors, video scaler, internet hub & router, LED lighting system and more.

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What The AV Truck Can Do

PSA Announcements Service

Canada Day Drive-by Fireworks



Building projection is well suited for many "after dark" or low-light event applications. The AV Truck can simultaneously project laser & LED lighting effects, video messaging and graphics on multiple buildings, both sides of the road and while in motion. Ideal for PSAs, retail sales promotions, grand openings, street parties, festivals and much more!

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Building Projection

Projection In Motion

Fun With Lasers - Red Solo Cup



Drive-in style events of all kinds can be held day or night in any large parking lot  or at one of our 5 GTA theatre partners. Weddings, memorial services, grads, etc., our special event vehicles offer complete production ready upon arrival. Adding a tent, stage, livestream or LED video trucks and walls will truly bring your event to life! Imagine hosting your next Zoom meeting as an "in-person" live event and providing full access for off-site participation.

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Drive-In Style Meetings



Perfect for advertising campaigns and a wide range of entertainment and PSA services with screens that are visible day or night. One has a hydraulic lift screen and a scaler allowing it to interface with the AV Truck, cameras, drone feeds, video games, livestreams, etc. Both LED trucks have speaker systems and can be outfitted with extra speakers and FM transmitter systems.

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LED Video Trucks - Day or Night

Drive-By Canada Day - Streetsville, ON

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